Historical GIS Research in Canada

by Jennifer BonnellMarcel Fortin

Fundamentally concerned with place, and our ability to understand human relationships with environment over time, Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS) as a tool and a subject has direct bearing for the study of contemporary environmental issues and realities.

Historical GIS Research in Canada brings together projects in historical geography, social and cultural history, and environmental history from across Canada’s diverse regions to showcase the groundbreaking work being done by scholars today, and of the particular opportunities and challenges of HGIS approaches.

Featuring contributions by Colleen Beard, Stephen Bocking, Jennifer Bonnell, Jim Clifford, Joanna Dean, Francois Dufaux, Patrick A. Dunae, Marcel Fortin, Jason Gilliland, William M. Glen, Megan Harvey, Matthew G. Hatvany, Sally Hermansen, Andrew Hinson Lafreniere, John S. Lutz, Joshua D. MacFadyen, Daniel Macfarlane, Jennifer Marvin, Cameron Metcalf, Byron Moldofsky, Sherry Olson, Jon Pasher, Daniel Rueck, R. W. Sandwell, Henry Yu, and Barbara Znamirowski


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    Canadian History and Environment