Animal Metropolis

Histories of Human-Animal Relations in Urban Canada

by Joanna DeanDarcy IngramChristabelle Sethna

Animal Metropolis brings a Canadian perspective to the growing field of animal history, ranging across species and cities to forward a historiography that considers the eclectic contacts, exchanges, and cohabitation of human and nonhuman animals.

From the beavers who engineered Stanley Park to the carthorses who shaped the city of Montreal, the spectacle of orca captivity in Vancouver to the maternal politics of pure milk in Hamilton, this fascinating collection offers a timely and provocative exploration of Canada and its denizens.

Featuring contributions by Kristoffer Archibald, Jason Colby, George Colpitts, Joanna Dean, Carla Hustak, Darcy Ingram, Sean Kheraj, William Knight, Sherry Olson, Rachel Poliquin, and Christabelle Sethna

“Sovereign” by Mary Anne Barkhouse


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