A Science of Engagement in Health Research and Innovation

by Nancy Marlett

Have you ever wanted to have a say in a health futures publication? While the ideas in this manuscript were incubated, co designed and tested with citizens, researchers, and systems, you can now interact with the triggers of change, methods and theory of a novel science that support a new patient research voice in the democratization and transformation of health and health care. This book is structured in three sections: Foundations of the science, Engaging; and, Possibilities that suggest current best practices, the introduction of peer or citizen led research and the next steps. Each encourages the following questions.

Why is research done by patients and communities essential as aging and siloed systems struggle to respond to the growing impact of health-related technologies that will dramatically change our health and health care?

How would future relationships, policies and practices be different if patients and community members were trained to conduct pragmatic research as part of health research and innovation teams.

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